Web Application to Church Management

Members Management

Store and manage all necessary data from members, guests and the leaders, including photo.

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Offers Management

Manage all contribuitions from members and guests with filters showing total.

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Send Messages

Send important messages for all members or specific leaders group.

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Management Charts

View monthly charts of new members and contributions received.

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for any screen size

Desktop Application

Desktop version is the full version of the application with all features to be used for the best church management.

mobile application

Use Anywhere

Using the mobile version application, it can be accessible from anywhere and any kind of smartphone with internet.


Enjoy the best
resources and technologies  combined together

The Application was created using the best resources on the market with clean design and util features.


The Idea

Usually to manager church we have a lot of papers, documents and data that we never had chance to found easily.

Based on this problem was created the web application to manage churches.

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Cloud Service

The Application is hosted in a web server that is accessible using internet in any part of the world.

All data are saved on remote  safe server.

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Data Backup

All data has secure copy saved every time to avoid any lost of the data.

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Best Technologies

All technologies used on the projects are the best on the web development market. Was used Ext JS, Node JS with Express and Mongo DB.

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Big features for a simple application

All features were developed thinking the best for the final user, with the best user experience and simple to use, keeping just the necessary features that are used daily.

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Register and Log in

You can register your church quickly using the Genesis. Just fill few fields and go ahead. If you forgot your password you can easily recover it using your email. The access to your account is safe using your email and password.

Summary data on charts

Your dashboard will show for you the summary about members and offers. How many new members was registered on last months and how much offers was donated. You also can filter for last 12, 9, 6 or 3 months ago.

Manage Members

Here is where you register the members and guests of the church. You also can search some specific member by name, order the list or refresh. Click on the item to see details, edit or delete the record.

Manage Offers

This module is where you register all offers for the church. You also can search some specific offers by  member name, type (offer or tithe) or date of the offer, order the list or refresh. Click on the item to see details, edit or delete the record.

Send Messages to Groups

Using the Genesis Application you can send private messages for all members registered on the system. You can choose the specific group to send messages like: guests, all members, only elders, etc.

Manage Users

Here is where you can register new users to manager the data of the church registered on the system. Each user will have a username and password to access the application and all actions will be registered on his name. Click on the item to see details, edit or delete the record. You also can search users by name or order the list. Is possible enable and disable access for the system for each user.

Edit Your Profile

Your profile can be edited any time. You can change all data about your, including your username/email and password to access the applications.