Base to System Web Ext JS


Base to System Web Ext JS

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With just a few lines of code you develop new modules to the system. It is easy to understand and the complex part is all being done internally already by the base. You will develop Ext JS much more easily and will result in all the quality that the technology offers.

The application has the following features:

  • (New) Updated to new version;
  • (New) Includes new themes Neptune;
  • (New) All treatments internally made for all types of relationships between tables: related data are obtained and automatically saved by the base without worrying about the logic. For example, modules related to User is obtained in php and treated in Ext JS already with the specific components). Relationships. 1: N is done internally for the complementary fields of other related table and ease the side of the front-end to create the related combo
  • (New) followed best practices for Ext JS 4.2 with relation to issues, abstractions, overrides, etc.
  • (New) Structure assembled by Cmd Sencha which greatly facilitates the packaging of the application and its updating
  • (New) Includes component for treating relationship N: N (See for example, the User modules on the form)
  • (New) Includes modules developed for any kind of relationship already implemented on top of the base, including DER, database and workbench script file.
  • all structure created in MVC;
  • Change language Dynamics (intercionalização) saved as preference in localstorage;
  • Change theme Dynamics saved as preference in localstorage;
  • Login screen;
  • Dynamic Load permissions;
  • automatic session expiration;
  • Mask to load the application;
  • Help component built into the system;
  • Grids with dynamic filters;
  • Grids with dynamic groups;
  • Using the grid component to the contents of the PDF conversion including features applied in the grid – groups, filters, sorting, etc;

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