Generator Automatic Application Ext JS – Basic Version


Generator Automatic Application Ext JS – Basic Version

R$3.800,00 R$3.200,00


Your PHP and Ext JS code are generated automatically using database in just some minute, your productivity will increase a lot and you util time will be applied in specific things of the project instead of generic parts of the system. On this project already is included some Policeno Components.

What is generated automatically:

  • Application base with menu, footer, header and center side with tabs to open from selected modules;
  • Include message box component;
  • Full backend with sorter, add, edit, delete and all project structure;
  • List with sorted;
  • Pagination of data;
  • Values rendered in the grid already formatted and with related data with description;
  • Features to add, delete and edit for records;
  • Forms with special components according with the field type;
  • Validation rules applied according with database;
  • And another features;

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