Simple base to system

Web Application to Church Management


All features combined
with quality and performance together

Project generic and simple, using the best programming practices with MVC and OOP architecture. Developed with Ext JS and PHP, this project facilitates the creation of a web system, with few lines of code can be created new modules. Your source code is completely open and free.


The Idea

Was required simple example to help new developers to understand and create generic components to create your own systems reusing their own components, with productivity.

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– Latest version of Ext JS;
– Latest version of Sencha Cmd;
– Part of the totally abstract PHP;
– Part Ext JS totally abstract;
– Using the best possible practices recommended by Sencha;
– Friendly Layout;
– Tracks menu, opening the modules in tabs;
– List of remote paging;
– Comes complete script to build to send the production code;
– Applying use of overrides;
– Applying use of ux;
– Applying use of sass;
– Tracks ux Ext.ux.Alert;

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Technology Used

MySQL Programming, PHP and Ext JS

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Project Date


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